A pleasant tasty soothing drink


    The ideal solution to face the daily stress


    Why drink a Baga ?


    A natural way to relax​

    For many of you, stress is part of everyday life, but to fully live a life that lives up to your expectations, it's important to learn to master it. In order to deal with it, we have designed Baga, a natural solution to manage stress and stay calm and serene day after day.


    Baga is a range of soothing drinks made from the tasty combination of plant extracts and fruit flavors. In all our drinks we add cannabidiol (CBD) which will guarantee you an absolute tranquility.


    Verbena, lemon balm and chamomile, known for their soothing effect, will perfume and enhance the relaxing action of CBD. And to highlight the emblematic fruits of our region, our range is available in three flavors: raspberry, white peach and apple-kiwi.


    Baga is a drink combining pleasure and well-being, 100% natural, produced in France with raw materials from organic farming.

  • The Cannabidiol


    Or CBD, a fascinating molecule


    No narcotic effect

    But many benefits

    This molecule is one of many cannabinoids found in hemp. Unlike the best-known active ingredient of the plant, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is a molecule that has no narcotic effect.


    If it is difficult to be so categorical, it is clear that the effects of CBD go beyond mere physiology.


    CBD tends to regulate the mood of consumers by providing a feeling of calm, relaxation, muscle relaxation and promote sleep.

  • Our mission


    Accompany you every day in your fight against stress


    Through his drinks, Baga assures you of his unconditional support for you to assume all your responsibilities. Our CBD guide you to a total appeasement to appreciate every moment of your day.

    Our vision


    Democratize the use of CBD and raise public awareness


    We aim to inform citizens to change the way the hemp is perceived. As well as to support users by facilitating their access. We are committed to promoting hemp and promoting its benefits.

    Our values


    Bring you the best and purest CBD product


    We pay special attention to the quality and control of all our products. Our CBD comes from a European culture of organic and responsible hemp. We guarantee that our products comply with all French laws.

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